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The city of Taft’s purchase of Wells Fargo Bank will allow for a larger City Hall. The building will also serve as an Emergency Command Center when needed. (Photo by Dennis Wade)

The city of Taft has plans for revitalizing the area, and they made a big step toward that with the purchase of a prominent building.

At its Oct. 25 city council meeting, Mayor Randy Powell and Interim City Manager Sid Arismendez were give approval to purchase the Wells Fargo Bank building, located at 230 Green Ave.

“The revitalization of Taft remains a top priority,” Powell said. “The acquisition of the former Wells Fargo building is an integral component and a step in the right direction.”

The city plans to use the building as the new City Hall, saying the location of the former bank is in a perfect place before it sits on one of the most traveled streets within the city.

The new city hall will also serve a dual function, as its construction as a bank made it structurally sound. Along with government offices, Powell said the city plans to use it as an Emergency Command Center, when necessary.

As for the former City Hall, Powell said the city plans to house the Police Department there since they have outgrown their current facility.

The capital expense of the Wells Fargo building cost the city $400,000.

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