Two sisters received more than they bargained for after a complaint over poor upkeep on country roads led to their arrest for harassment. 

On Wednesday, Sept. 29, the two sisters ­– 37 and 34 years old – were arrested following several incidents of harassment involving San Patricio County Pct. 5 Justice of the Peace Nere Villareal. 

According to the San Pat Sheriff’s Office, the ordeal began when the two sisters called Villareal’s office, and began to scream at her employees over the phone regarding “tall grass” and the county’s inability to maintain its roads. 

Villareal’s office explained to the two sisters that they were in fact calling the wrong office and needed to call the county commissioner to file their complaint. 

The two sisters failed to get the message, and continued to harass the office, at which point Villareal told her employees not to take her calls. 

“So what do they do?” San Patricio Sheriff Oscar Rivera explained, “They get a hold of her cell phone number and began sending her threatening messages.” 

Messages full of expletives and threats continued to barrage the judge until she had had enough and contacted the San Pat Sheriff’s Office, where arrest warrants were obtained for the two sisters. 

When deputies arrived to arrest the sisters, they attempted to flee, but both were eventually apprehended and charged with terroristic threats against a judge. 

The 34-year-old sister had a previous warrant for an accident with injuries from the district court with a $50,000 bond. Adding the $150,000 bond for the terroristic threat charge, she is currently in county jail with a total $200,000 bond. 

The 37-year old sister also had an outstanding warrant from county court for a theft of property charge. She is currently in county jail with a $154,000 bond from her two charges. 

“They’ll be here for a while, I’m sure,” Rivera concluded. 


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