The heated debate on residents voting on San Patricio County to become a hospital district came to an end on Nov. 2.

The county election office has released their unofficial numbers and the hospital district will not be moving forward. The total number of votes tallied were 900 for the hospital district and 3,151 against.

There was some tension between SPC Health Authority James Mobley, who was proposing the county move forward by creating a health district along with Ron Jorgenson, and cities in San Patricio that signed resolutions against the creation of such a district.

“We researched private, public – everything we could find to build a hospital and there is only one option that would create a stable financial structure for a hospital, and that’s a hospital district,” Mobley said last month.

Portland Mayor Cathy Skurow said at the same time, “We need the citizens to come out and vote now, so that we can have an opportunity to reset and have a community dialogue about A-plus plus health care in San Patricio County.”

Portland officials have said they are looking into a privately funded hospital for the city.

So now that votes have been cast and tallied, what’s next?

Everyone is mum at the moment. Requests for comment from Portland officials and Mobley himself early last week were not returned. Nothing on the Portland City Council agenda last Tuesday, Election Day, reflected the city’s decision on how it would move forward if the creation of the hospital district passed or was defeated.


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