Ruben Lopez

Ruben Lopez

Ruben was born in Taft, Texas on February 4, 1973, to Ramon Lopez and Maricela Balderas. Aside from his four years in San Antonio, Texas, when he was pursuing his soon to be wife, Angel, he resided in Taft, Texas and Sinton, Texas most of his life. Ruben and Angel married on December 26, 1998. Ruben and Angel lovingly referred to each other as “Honey.” They have been best friends for 31 years and built a strong relationship on faith, love and trust. 

Angel says, “Our union was no coincidence. God’s hand brought us together to balance and complement each other and to honor Him through our love and commitment. He’s my soulmate. The truth is, marriage takes effort and communication, but we recognized and appreciated that God lives in us, and that is why we were and still are each other’s life-long love. Through God, we were united as one.” 

Ruben was a loving and dedicated husband, father, brother, son, grandson, Godfather, mentor, leader and friend who will be missed by all who knew him. 

During Ruben’s life, he held many professions and mastered many skills and trades. He was currently employed with Arctic IT as a Project Controls Manager. Ruben started his career as a young musician, became a salesman, worked in the technology department for Southwest Marine, opened his own computer repair business in Sinton, Texas, and worked for various other companies in project scheduling and project controls. He learned and worked his way into positions through his perseverance, willingness to learn, and the positive work relationships he formed in order to provide a better life for his family. He served as a member of the Texas Army National Reserve Guard and would have joined the military if Angel had not convinced him otherwise. 

Ruben served on the Taft ISD School Board for three years. Ruben was a self-taught musician, learning how to play the guitar at age thirteen and the piano shortly after. He is known for his beautiful voice and musical talents; he played many other instruments, including the trumpet, baritone, French horn, accordion, and many more. He originally wanted to be a band director. He used his musical gifts to serve the church and community. He served and led the church choir for decades. 

Ruben shared his gifts with so many others. He was an alter server, youth choir director, youth group leader and retreat leader, Grand Knight for the Knights of Columbus, CCD teacher, and Guadalupano. Our home was never quiet. Music often filled the house… practicing for church, learning a song he heard on the radio, playing the piano to relax, having jam sessions no matter where he was, playing at campfires when we went camping, and entertaining his family and friends. He took his guitar everywhere, because he never knew when someone would make a special request. 

Ruben made time for his family and friends and took advantage of teachable moments. You could find Ruben showing Cristofer and his friends how to repair a vehicle, or explaining to Rebekah how to decorate for the holidays, or even teaching Analis how to dance. 

Rebekah says, “Dad encouraged and supported my passion for music and the arts. Dad would say, ‘When words fail, music speaks!’” 

Cristofer says, “As cliché as it sounds, my dad was my superman. I wanted to, and still want to be, just like him. In my eyes he couldn’t do wrong and knew everything. He taught me and my friends countless life lessons, many of the skills he had, and most of all, to always appreciate everything we had.”  

And for Analis, she says, “Our teachable moments came more in conversation. It was sort of bittersweet. Dad would find a way to turn most things into a lecture. Over time, I found I would often hear his voice in the back of my head, and I think that was the point.  In his words, ‘Well, then I’ve done my job.’ Even though some conversations weren’t always pleasant at the time, some of the sweetest moments arose from them and made them special.”  

Survival skills were always a hot topic between him and the kids and any little pieces of advice he could offer them were shared in their moments spent together. He was always experimenting, creating, building, and repairing. He would take just about anything apart to understand how it worked or to troubleshoot a problem. He was the handy-man and “Jack of all trades” in our family and among our friends. If it broke, Ruben would figure out a way to fix it. His life centered around his faith and family. Ruben taught his kids to think and problem solve for themselves and stand up for what they believe in. He impressed upon them to learn from their mistakes and the mistakes of others.

Ruben would tell us that, growing up, there was always a place for him wherever he went. Friends and family welcomed him with open arms, often inviting him on trips and vacations. There wasn’t a place or friend’s house in Taft that he couldn’t visit, eat at, or stay the night, and because of this, as an adult, he embraced that same value. Every family and friend helped shape his life.  

To know Ruben is to know a piece of his soul. He was a member of an elite teenage group who called themselves the COPs, “Citizens on Patrol.” We still aren’t really clear what they patrolled, but he sure did cherish those times. Ruben loved nature, hiking, camping, road trips, and pretty much anything outdoors. He once convinced Analis and Cristofer to drive all day to the Guadalupe Mountains, sleep in the car, hike up to the mountain peak, and drive back home to make it in time for Thanksgiving Dinner. He loved to have family and friends over for a backyard BBQ; “The more the merrier,” he would say. 

You could find him discussing politics wherever he went. He was such a jokester, mostly laughing at his own jokes that we sometimes didn’t get but his laugh alone was enough to rile us all up. He missed his calling as a comedian and often said he was going to be a stand-up comic one day with all the material he came across, often sharing his comedy acts with us.

Some of our favorite characteristics and memories about Ruben are: his very unique and distinct walk, his numerous types of laughs, the way he could be a dork sometimes, his facial expressions, his gestures and mannerisms, his fear of getting wet from the rain, his stories and jokes, – especially his campfire ghost stories – the way he exaggerated or embellished his stories, his impressions of people and stereotypes (such as his Barney impression), how he always made messes when he ate, he was always ready to argue to get his point across, his ability to nap whenever and wherever, his love for putting on a firework show with his family, his loudness, his passion for capturing moments with photographs, his soft spot for animals – he never met an animal he didn’t like and that didn’t like him back – his singing and musical talents, his hands, his love of history and patriotic pride, the way he lived his life serving others, how he was our biggest supporter, his fatherly talks, how reliable he was, his love and reverence for God, his devotion to Our Blessed Mother, and his many passions and dreams! 

Ruben has joined the choirs of Heaven, leaving his wife and three children a legacy of memories and faith embedded in their hearts and minds. “We will treasure what he taught us, and he will live on within us. He relished in his role as a Husband and Father. We are who we are because of him. We will forever admire him and his love for God and the Catholic Church. He knew what was important and never failed to teach and instill in us to love and live by Christ. He was and lives on as a Godly man. A Family man. The Best man!”

Preceded in death are his grandparents, Ramon and Elvira E. Lopez, Luisa Rodriguez, Guadalupe Gonzales Soliz, and Armando Garza; brother, Ross Goben. 

Survivors include his loving wife, Angel Lopez of Taft, Texas; daughter, Analis Lopez; son, Cristofer Lopez; daughter, Rebekah Lopez; father, Ramon (Yolanda) Lopez of Sinton, Texas; mother, Maricela Balderas of Taft, Texas; brothers, Ramon (Carmen) Lopez and Ralph (Sylvia) Lopez of Taft, Texas.   

God’s Family of Heart; parents, Rick and Donnie Riojas of Taft, Texas; Griff Goben of Kerrville, Texas; brother, Kenneth Goben; sisters, LeAnn Goben (Charles Alvarado) and Katy Rose Goben (Carlos Montez).  

A visitation will be held on Sunday, September 5, 2021, 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM at Resthaven Funeral Home Chapel, Sinton and Monday, September 6, 2021, 2:00  PM – 9:00 PM at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church (ICC), Taft.  A Holy Rosary will be recited on September 6, 2021, at 6:30 PM at ICC. A celebration of Ruben’s life will be held on September 7, 2021, with a Funeral Mass at 11:00 AM at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Taft. A graveside service will follow at 12:00 PM at the Palms Memorial Gardens in Portland, Texas. 

Pallbearers are Cristofer Ruben Lopez, Kenneth Goben, Jordy Lopez, Ralph Lopez Jr., Raymond Flores, Jaime Gamez, Moses Garcia and Jerry Perkins.  

To share a memory of Ruben, send flowers or send a condolence to the family, please visit Arrangements by the Resthaven Funeral Home in Sinton, TX.

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Arrangements and care entrusted to Resthaven Funeral Home, Sinton.

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