Planting wildflowers

Sandra Booth plants wildflowers outside her site at the Big Mesquite RV Park in Three Rivers. (Photo by Chris Filoteo)

THREE RIVERS – The Big Mesquite RV Park has been social distancing before it was a thing.

The park sits on 25 acres with RV spaces among the mesquites, providing for spacious living areas and a small front yard that can host 105 RV’s.

And many residents have enough space between each RV to use their imagination.

“We really enjoy the park,” Toby Vallejo said. “We planted a vegetable garden and spreading seeds for the grass.”

Toby and Sandra Booth are from Pemberville, Ohio, which is a long ways away from Three Rivers. The two have been staying at the park since November 2019.

“We’ve been planting wildflowers and it’s great,” Sandra said.

Jeff Fisher has owned the park for four years and stated a contributing factor for the park’s business as the space on site.

“The distance between the sites is what separates us,” Fisher said. “Everyone has their own yard and plenty of space between each other with lots of shade.”

Laundry facilities include five washers and five dryers as well as soap available for purchase, rolling laundry carts, folding tables, chairs, magazines and a public shower and a restroom.

“We have a first class laundry service here,” Fisher said. “It gets used by outsiders as well since there isn’t a laundry mat in Three Rivers.”

The park is 1.7 miles from the South Shore Unit for Choke Canyon State Park, which draws plenty of avid anglers.

“The anglers are the weekenders,” Fisher said. “They usually stay two to three days when they come down. We have a couple of guides that leave their RV here as well.”

Sandra enjoys the nature surrounding the park.

“There are a lot of beautiful birds around here and only found in this area,” she said.

Toby said they will return to the park.

 “We will be back every year, but after we leave and we don’t know when that will be,” he laughed.

The park has a pavilion for gatherings, but no events have taken place since the initial orders back in March.

Only three miles from Hwy. 281 and one mile off Hwy. 72, Big Mesquite RV Park is located at 195 FM 1545.

The park offers military discounts for guests as well.