By Jeff Osborne

Progress staff

GEORGE WEST – Out of the ashes of the George West Storyfest Association, Dobie Dichos Inc. was officially formed on Wednesday, Jan. 8, as an organization that will continue the decade-long tradition of celebrating the works of Texas author J. Frank Dobie in historic Oakville.

While the last Storyfest took place in 2018, Dobie Dichos lives on, and, in partnership with the Dobie West Theatre Board, will continue events which focus on Dobie’s works as well as other Texas folklore and storytelling.

On Jan. 8, members of the old Storyfest board, including president Cindy Robinson, resigned their positions.

A new board was named for Dobie Dichos Inc., along with new officers, including: Mary Margaret Campbell, chairman; John Ed James, vice chairman; Robin McKinney, secretary; and Julie Kaase, treasurer. Other board members are Gregg Booth, Albert Davila and Jeff Osborne.

One of the first acts of the new board was to approve a $5,000 donation in memory of Melissa Nance to the Bulldog Education Foundation, which benefits the Three Rivers Independent School District. 

Nance, of George West, was a TRISD teacher and longtime volunteer for Storyfest and Dobie Dichos who recently died after a battle with cancer.

In other action, the board:

• Approved expenses for Campbell, who traveled to Lubbock in December to provide information to the Southwest Collection at Texas Tech University, which is the official repository for Storyfest related items and information.

Campbell said that while many items had already been given by Storyfest to the Southwest Collection, one desk full of items had been overlooked and was sent later. Also, Campbell was interviewed in Lubbock for five hours about the history of Storyfest.

The board reimbursed Campbell $203.83 for three nights lodging in Lubbock.

• Approved a donation of $7,000 to the Dobie West Theatre Association in George West to help continue the Day of Storytelling event that the organization began in 2019 as a way to continue the storytelling tradition that began with Storyfest in George West.

• Approved a donation of $2,139.98 from the remaining funds of Storyfest to Dobie Dichos to help continue and promote that annual event.

• Heard a report about the Dobie Dichos 2019 event. A total of 213 tickets were sold, with many of those attending coming from out of town, including the Houston, Austin and Dallas areas.

Because Dobie Dichos receives funds from the city of George West’s hotel occupancy tax, it encourages people attending the event from out of town to make hotel reservations in George West.

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