GWISD earns $2,500 after being named finalist for H-E-B award

Dee Cathey helped George West ISD setting up decorations for the H-E-B Excellence in Education Award ceremony online May 5. (Contributed photo)

GEORGE WEST – Despite the COVID-19 pandemic halting social gatherings in large numbers, members of the George West ISD faculty and family enjoyed an evening of excellence.

GWISD Superintendent Dr. Jim Rosebrock applied for the H-E-B Excellence in Education Award, which the school was named a finalist among Boerne ISD and Fabens ISD in the Small School District Category.

“I felt like we were at a disadvantage as a smaller school with less than ten thousand students,” Dr. Rosebrock said.

“I expected Boerne to win because they are big. I feel George West is the best district and being named a finalist validated that.”

Created in 2002, the H‑E‑B Excellence in Education Awards are designed to honor outstanding public school professionals and to thank them for their dedication and commitment. Through this program, H‑E‑B seeks to pay tribute to those educators who go the extra mile each and every day to serve their students and their communities and who inspire others to do the same.

It was the first time GWISD applied for the Excellence in Education Award.

“This was the first time ever we applied,” Dr. Rosebrock said.

“George West is a humble town and they don’t like to toot their own horn. I decided to go after the award and market how well this school district is.”

As a finalist, camera crews walked the hallways of GWISD in search of a story for production.

“First there was a four to five hour meeting with a panel,” Dr. Rosebrock said.

“We had student ambassadors to lead them around campus. When the camera crew showed up everyone knew it was something big.”

George West ISD lives the spirit of family values and integrates that characteristic within everyone in the community.

“I asked one of the producers when they were finished filming if they had a story,” Dr. Rosebrock said.

“They said there was a common message from everyone in the district that we are all family. That made me feel great that the kids are saying the same thing as the adults. They learned the true story because everyone had the same story. All of us are family and I’m excited to hear that.”

The school hosted a watch party May 5 as H-E-B held a live telecast for the award.

“They sent us a box of Cinco De Mayo decorations and asked us to create a festive atmosphere for the party,” Dr. Rosebrock said.

“We don’t do that here at George West, so we went overboard. We had a community member bring all of the fiesta decorations she had. We had snacks and drinks for the event.”

H-E-B had two special guest speakers for the event: Matthew McConaughey and Eva Longoria.

“That was great to have them speak for the event,” Dr. Rosebrock said.

“Eva had a story about her character on Desperate Housewives was home schooled and she didn’t do well.”

The school district earned $2,500 for being named a finalist.

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