GEORGE WEST – The Ferrell Family has been selling BBQ hot off the pit for over one month now.

And if you haven’t stopped by off Hwy. 281 to check out the rustic atmosphere with hand-panted images in the dining room, along with the pungent aroma of wood-smoked brisket, you will find all of that and more at Hoss’s BBQ.

The owners mentioned a delay in opening the restaurant when COVID-19 hit.

“We didn’t know what was going to happen ten months ago,” Rene Ferrell said.

John Ferrell added, “Everything was up in the air at that time. We had a hard time coming to a consciences and had a lot of encouragement from our landlord.”

The completely remodeled establishment offers dine-in, and to-go service, but will expand to provide a drive-thru window.

“We will be adding a drive-thru in the next building,” John said. “Some people still don’t wan to come inside and a drive-thru will be beneficial.”

Anita Ferrell added, “We can make deliveries for larger orders for lunch too.”

After opening Aug. 3, the restaurant has received positive feedback through many of its customers.

“Feedback from the customers have been mainly good,” John laughed. “We have had good and bad feedback, but that’s what we learned from and what not to do again. People are excited we are open and it’s great to hear someone say it’s the best brisket they have ever had.”

Derrick is the pitmaster and states the importance of low temperatures.

“Low and slow is the name of the game,” he said. “We have a different taste from other South Texas BBQ places. Most of the time we smoke our briskets for 17 hours. You can’t rush good BBQ.”

The restaurant offers daily specials with a wide variety of items.

“There isn’t anything they don’t like,” Rene said. “One day we can have a shrimp and Cajun poorboy and the next something completely different. If you’re not in the mood for BBQ one day we have something for you. It’s all home cooked food and desserts.”

John added, “We have specials for high school students too. We list our specials for the month on our Facebook page.”

Under current COVID-19 conditions, Hoss’s BBQ can seat 35 guests.

However, the Ferrell Family is hoping to have the drive-thru tentatively ready in one month.

And when catering restrictions are lifted, Hoss’s BBQ will provide service for the community.

Hoss’s BBQ is located at 603 Nueces St.

Chris Filoteo is the editor at The Progress and can be reached at 830-254-8088, or at

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