LIVE OAK COUNTY – Starting June 30, face coverings are required for each person over 10 years of age when visiting a government building and/or a commercial entity.

Judge Jim Huff signed an order June 29 recognizing Governor Greg Abbott’s Order GA-26 in an effort to re-affirm it, along with health and safety practices - commercial entities.

As of June 26, Live Oak County has 28 confirmed COVID-19 cases with 18 active.

Judge Huff, along with Three Rivers Mayor Felipe Martinez and George West Mayor Andrew Garza all had a mutual agreement with the order.

“I had a meeting with both mayors and they were supportive of this order as well,” Judge Huff said.

The order continues from June 30 until July 15 unless extended, modified, amended, rescinded or superseded by Judge Huff.

Each person 10 years of age or older shall wear a face covering over his/her nose and mouth when inside a county or city owned or operated facility with in the boundaries of Live oak County. Facilities include: the Live Oak County courthouse, the City Hall of any municipality within the boundaries of Live Oak County, county and city libraries, museums, community centers, senior centers, Live Oak County appraisal district facilities, Live Oak County annex building, Live oak County Justice Center, Live Oak County Justice of the Peace building, Live Oak County Agriculture Extension office, all Live Oak County commissioners quarters, George West Police Department, Three Rivers Police Department, George West ISD administrative offices, Three Rivers ISD administrative offices, and all water and drainage district offices and such similar county and city facilities within the county are each considered a governmental facility for the purpose of this order.

The following commercial entities are: all grocery stores, pharmacies and big box stores in Live Oak County.

Big box stores similar to Costco and Sam’s aren’t relevant in the order.

The health and safety practices for listed commercial entities must require that all employees and visitors inside a listed commercial entities business premises wear face coverings when in a space that will necessarily involve close contact with others.

Face coverings do not need to be worn when doing so poses a greater mental or physical health, safety, or security risk to the person. Face coverings do not need to be worn by a perosn who has a medical condition that makes it unsafe for him/her to wear a face covering, or by a person who’s treating physician deems wearing of a face mask to be unsafe.

Consistent with Governor Abbott’s order, no civil or criminal penalty will be imposed on individuals for failure to wear a face covering.

The owner, manager, or operator of any facility that is likely to be impacted by this order is strongly encouraged to post a copy of this order on site and to provide a copy to any member of the public asking for a copy. 

It is recommended Live Oak County residents continue to maintain social distancing of at least six feet of separation from all others (indoors and outdoors). Face coverings do not need to be worn when engaging in outdoor activity, riding alone, or with members of the same household in a personal vehicle, or when consuming food or drink.

Chris Filoteo is the editor at The Progress and can be reached at 830-254-8088, or at