Fishing for bass at Choke Canyon

Tilden resident, Hilario Ramon, landed an 8.60 pound largemouth black bass at Choke Canyon during a guided trip recently. (Contributed photo)

TILDEN – Fishing guide Scott Springer received a call not long ago about a different type of trip.

Patrick Finkbeiner and his daughter went to Choke Canyon a couple times to duck hunt, but not target fish.

“We have been there a few times to hunt, but wanted to catch fish this time,” Patrick said. “We are being hyper careful with our daughter since she has an underlying health condition, so with social distancing we took our own boat with Scott.”

Scott led the two around some spots in search of largemouth black bass.

“He knows what he is doing,” Patrick said. “He’s a super nice guy and we caught a couple dozen fish that day. We had a blast and was a really nice day for us.”

Scott and his wife, Brenda, moved to Tilden in 2006 where Scott has guided for bass on Choke Canyon and Falcon Lake since.

“He does an even mix of trips between the two lakes,” Brenda said. “We like Tilden because of the peacefulness.”

The COVID-19 threat impacted business during the spawn between the two lakes.

“In the beginning it did,” Brenda said about COVID implications. “We didn’t have as many trips in March and April, but once people wanted to go out after the stay at home orders we picked up.”

Scott enjoys particularly targeting black bass for his clients.

“I like to put people on fish with plastic baits because they don’t get hung up as much,” he said. “I’m just out here trying to help people catch a bass.”

For those familiar with Choke Canyon, alligators are often seen around the park.

Considering the amount of time Scott has spent on the lake, he shared what he saw was the biggest gator he has seen there.

“It was fourteen feet as best as I could tell,” Scott said. “I didn’t jump out to measure him though.”

The Springer’s have noticed the popularity increase since water levels rose recently.

“Since the water came back up it has been busy,” Brenda said. “It’s been fishing really good lately.”

Scott is also a hunting guide in McMullen County.

“He guides at one ranch in the county, but mainly goes to Mexico for white-tailed deer. He guides dove hunts in McMullen County and does hog hunts in Freer.

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