McMullen County clearing land for park

Construction crews clear brush where the planned McMullen County Park will be next to Max's Cafe off River Road. (Contributed photo by Judge James Teal)

TILDEN – The county commissioners approved bidding of the projected county park at a recent meeting.

“The court approved for bids to go out,” Judge James Teal said. “We are definitely going to build a park if we get the right contractor in there.”

With current economy impacts throughout the country, state and counties the county park will have two phases moving forward.

“We did some prudent downsizing along the park, not necessarily because of the cost initially, but the long-term cost,” Judge Teal said.

The initial plans of the county park included a splash pad and air conditioned restrooms, but will be set aside for a future project.

“We are going to get the park up and going to figure what the long-term maintenance cost will be,” Judge Teal said. “A splash pad and air conditioned restrooms were initially planned, but we refocused and will be doing that in a different phase.”

The adjustment in plans helped save over 1 million dollars as the county begins to seek bids.

“We are building the park in a flood plain,” Judge Teal said. “We have to build everything out of that flood plain. We cut cost by over one million dollars and we will take it slow and see how the economy rebounds and see what long-term operational cost will be like. We have a really good master plan for the park and it will be a beautiful place. We have designed something that will allow for additional projects in the future.”

Chris Filoteo is the editor at The Progress and can be reached at 830-254-8088, or at

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