Historical Foundation receives donation

Father Romeo Salinas, Mary Margaret Campbell, Glynis Holm Strause, Beverly Meider, Cindi Robinson, Ray Harris, Leslie Walker, Alice Trevino, Shirley Holm, Grace Wilson, Judge Jim Huff and Dana Davis show a check from Unify to Beautify for the Live Oak Historical Foundation. (Photo courtesy of Glynis Strause)

The Live Oak Historical Foundation met to receive a donation from Unify to Beautify for the formation of the 501 (C)(3) organization. 

As the goal of the Live Oak Historical Foundation is to restore historical buildings in Live Oak County, UTB members decided this would also coincide with their mission to beautify the city of George West

The Live Oak Historical Foundation board was also sworn in by member Live Oak County Judge Jim Huff.  The board has made great progress toward incorporation since the community meeting earlier this year.

Bylaws, Article of Incorporation, naming of board members and election of officers, establishing tax identification, and applying as a state recognized organization have all been completed in anticipation of submitting the nonprofit application to the IRS.

The officers of Live Oak Historical Foundation are: Co-Chairs Ray Harris and Cullen Moore, Secretary Dana Davis, Treasurer Shirley Holm and Public Relations Chair Glynis Holm Strause. Members of the board are: Mary Margaret Campbell, Christina Cortez, Jim Huff, Beverly Meider, Father Romeo Salinas and Leslie Walker. 

Once the nonprofit status is obtained, the Live Oak Historical Foundation will begin working to identify and sustain the historic building in Live Oak County.

Submitted by Glynis Strause

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