f you did not attend the Dobie West Performing Arts Theatre’s hilarious new Jones, Hope Wooten play, “Honky Tonk Hissy Fit” at George West on Aug. 27-29, you missed out on a great evening of fun and great family entertainment.

It was a wise decision during one of our regular board of director’s meetings. There has been so much drama and hardships during this pandemic. So, it was voted to produce a play full of comedy and to spread fun and cheer instead!

What made this play so funny and delightful was that the characters/actors were the same from the previous Doublewide, Texas comedy that was performed just a few years ago. One difference is that the place has now grown from four doublewides to 17 doublewides in the vicinity, and the improvements are seen in the different decor on stage.

Mackey Alvarez, as Georgia Dean, is now the proud owner of the Bronco Betty’s Buffeteria where she specializes in menu planning and diet meals that are sometimes not eaten by her elderly clientele, but she still tells the daughter on the phone conversation that she still owes her for the plate lunch. She’s still in love with her high school boyfriend, Nash Sloggett, (played by Addison McMin) who proposed to her 25 years ago and then disappeared but is back in her life begging her to marry him.

He’s bending down on one knee (with difficulty getting up!) and she’s making excuses that she has to go wash the grease filters and later she tells him that her hands are cold and puts on gloves so he can’t put his engagement ring on her finger. … (each little skit is hilarious!)

Thomasine Rushing and Leroy Smith play Caprice Crumpler and Haywood Sloggett. Thomasine steals the show as she giggles and drinks from two glasses of beer, saying, “My doctor told me not to go anywhere without my glasses!”

Of course, Caprice (still the sex symbol!) and Haywood are attracted to each other, as they share a bar stool, and he’s constantly covering his eyes as Caprice shows her “dance moves” and how flexible she is in bending over! 

Caprice’s son “Baby” played by Bob Hendrick is still the town’s sheriff and can’t say “no” as he’s trying to help out everybody who asks, no matter how overloaded he gets. He learns some terrific “dance moves” and even wears an evening gown to help one of his lady friends.

Joveeta Crumpler the town mayor is played by Ann Snuggs, and she is very competent in running the town and keeping her mom, Caprice out of trouble.

Joveeta is concerned that there’s a threat somewhere as she has met up with big city professional Harper Channing, (played by Judy Hendrick) who has arrived in town and has been snapping photos and asking non-spot questions, but “won’t look me in the eye.” She doesn’t trust Harper but agrees to a town meeting, where indeed, Harper is up to no good.

She offers all of them an “unseen amount of money” as their eyes bulge with excitement! As mayor of the town, Joveeta tells Harper that Doublewide, Texas is not for sale for any amount, and laughter is heard when everybody else yells,“We’ll take it!”

All the contracts that Harper gives them have to be signed unanimously and the high money offered to  them makes each one think of different ways to spend their money, including Truett Hunt and Maggie Hunt as Harley Dobbs and Maggie as an “Unhappy Person;” Big  Ethel, now a widow looking for new adventures,( played by Karen Kibbe;) Lark Barken (played by Isabella  Breckinridge ) who is the mother of a 3-year-old who now loves coffee given to her by Georgia Dean, so she can cope with her exhaustion.

Lark wants Georgia Dean to marry her father, Nash Sloggett, who continues to want to put an engagement ring on her finger. … When all the contracts have been signed except for Jovetta, she has to decide as mayor that she has to agree with the others’ wishes, and finally signs it. Now the truth comes out as Harper tells them that according to the contract, they can no longer live in Doublewide, Texas and all must move 175 miles away without taking any of their possessions. 

Harper is heard saying, “I did it! This town is mine!” and she’s on the phone talking to her boss who has promised her a big promotion.

By now, everybody has realized their mistake in signing the contract, but Mayor Joveeta comes to the rescue! By the next day’s town meeting, Harper thinks she has all the contracts, which the mayor has discreetly removed from Harper’s binder and when she tells Harper that she didn’t see her sign her contract, Harper is shocked to see the fine print, “You can Kiss my ….!” on Joveeta’s contract! 

In a “Hissy Fit” Jovetta tells Harper, “You can’t steal our dignity! It’s not for sale!” The whole confrontation is recorded by Georgia Dean who informs Harper that she has posted it on Harper’s website social media, and it’s gone viral! By now Harper is told “You are out of here!”

The fun starts again as Haywood Sloggett is now on the floor and Caprice Crumpler thinks he’s dead! (Thomasine does great acting, “I know CPR! Don’t die on me cause I love you!”)

The two couples declare their love and Mayor Jovetta performs her first wedding for Georgia Dean and Nash and Caprice and Haywood…ending with “You may kiss each other” and everybody on stage start hugging/kissing each other, as we in the large audience started clapping, giving them a standing ovation, and laughing! 

If you did not attend, now you have “the rest of the story”, but it’s more fun to support our Dobie West Theatre and play director, Glynis Strause and many others that worked behind the scenes for this beautiful comedy/live performance with all the wonderful actors mentioned above.


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