McMullen 4-H officers elected

McMullen County 4-H officers for 2021-22 ar, back row, from left, Mollee Couch, Rebekah Adams, Tate Turner, Buddy Lansford, Levi Garza, and from row, CJ Overstreet, Byron Lansford and Marina George. (Photo courtesy of McMullen County Agrilife Extension)

McMullen County 4-H elected new County Council officers in their September meeting for 2021-2022.

Candidates had to complete an application and a give speech to qualify as a candidate. Twelve candidates ended up running in McMullen County as one of the largest turnouts of record.

After a long voting process and many close votes, McMullen County 4-H has elected eight new officers.

We would like to welcome:

• President Tate Turner,

• 1st Vice President, Mollee Couch

• 2nd Vice President, Rebekah Adams

• Treasurer, Buddy Lansford

• Secretary, Marina George

• Reporter, CJ Overstreet

• Directors, Levi Garza and Byron Lansford.  

These new officers will hold their position from September 2021 through August 2022. We are excited to see what the year holds for this group of young men and women over the next year.

“I have confidence that they will each represent McMullen County 4-H to the best of their ability,” said McMullen County Family Community Health Extension Agent Grace Marshall. “I have watched these kids over the past year turn into leaders. 

“We cannot wait to see how they grow and change to fit their new role in 4-H as officers,” saidMcMullen County Ag Extension Agent Christy Lansford. “Though several of them were officers last year, their leadership abilities will grow exponentially this year.”

These kids have worked hard to receive these offices. If you see them around town, please congratulate them for their dedication and hard work.

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