March marked 11 years since the release of Beeville’s first horror movie, SCUM. The film was shot in the city with a majority of the cast and crew coming from there as well.

The film shot over the course of 2 1/2 years and was originally released on DVD in 2010, but being sold out, residents have wondered where they can get their hands on a copy.

“People still ask me how they can see it or if I have any copies left,” SCUM writer and director Paul Gonzales said. “I had one guy offer me $100 but there aren’t any copies left. I have one sealed copy and that one is for me.”

Over the years there has been some interest in small distributors wanting to release the movie but Gonzales said it just never panned out. There is once again talk about a Blu-Ray release but he’s not holding his breath.

The reason why it’s finally seeing the light of day was due to a chance encounter with an unknown horror fan that actually got him to think about revisiting the decade-old film.

“Aaron Poe from George West messaged me one day asking about the movie,” Gonzales said. “He’s the co-host of A Podcast from Beneath which talks about low budget horror films and things like that. He asked if there was any way he could see it.

“His wife had heard about it at a beauty salon and thought it was right up his alley.”

While talking with his brother, Adan, who runs the YouTube channel Staunch TV, Gonzales learned that he was just mailed an old copy of the movie and asked if he could try and copy it onto his hard drive and possibly put it online.

“That was fine with me. Hopefully people would stop asking me about it then,” Gonzales joked. “All-in-all I think its great that people still care enough about the movie that they want to check it out.

“It’s been out so long now it’s almost an urban legend. There’s a new generation that doesn’t believe the stories about someone making a movie in Beeville.

“Well, here’s the proof.”

As of April 1, at 9 p.m. fans can find a link at or tune in to to watch the film and ask the creators questions throughout.

There is also talks of a Zoom cast reunion but Gonzales said that with so many people involved  in the making of the movie he’s not sure if he can get everyone together to participate.

With Beeville’s first horror movie finally ready to released out into the digital world, the real question on everyone’s mind now is; when will there be a sequel?

“I don’t know about that,” Gonzales laughed. “There have been talks over the years but now we’re all old with kids and families and grown-up responsibilities.

“But hey, who knows? Never say never, right?”



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