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Buenos dias!

“Everyone in Live Oak County probably knows Lorene Tonia Ruiz. If you don’t, then you need to meet this young lady. Recently Lorene Tonia has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and medical expense is going to get expensive for her and her parents, Mike and Celia Ruiz. 

Family and friends had a benefit bake sale for her Sunday, Aug. 5, at Three Rivers City Hall from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.” … The flyer added … “Please come by and support Lorene Tonia and if you can’t come by, please keep her in your prayers through her journey to healing.” (This was posted on Facebook.)

The flyer had “Thyroid Cancer Awareness” and was decorated with Lorene Tonia’s favorite color purple and had a butterfly which is also the symbol for Turner Syndrome. 

Linda (Joe) Hallbrook and Sally (R. J.) Rodriquez are special friends that worked hard to get this fundraiser organized and we are most grateful to them and all who helped to make it the success that it was. Sometimes, it is hard to put into words when so many people come together to support a fundraiser for a good cause. Saying “Thank you” sounds like it’s not enough to express our gratitude.

On Thursday, Aug. 2, we returned to Texas Oncology in San Antonio to get the results of her ultrasound that Dr. Santillian ordered the week before of the lymph nodes in her neck. The results indicate that possibly the cancer is localized in both lobes of her thyroid at this time. She is to report for surgery at 10 a.m. Monday, Aug. 13, at the Methodist Hospital. She is to remain hospitalized overnight and hopefully this will take care of it. They will not know if she will need further treatment or how it will affect her vocal cords.

Lorene Tonia is positive that this surgery is all that she is going to need to remove the cancer and be done with it! She is concerned that she is possibly not going to be able to return to Texas A&M in Corpus Christi for this semester, but she hopes to return to her part-time job at the Three Rivers Dairy Queen as soon as possible after her pending eye surgery on Aug. 27, which is scheduled with Dr. Moore two weeks after her thyroid surgery. 

There are so many people praying for her and we are firm believers in the power of prayer. I continue to ask for prayers for her complete recovery, and if I haven’t asked you personally, I am using this space to ask you for your prayers for our daughter at this time.

Traveling to San Antonio with all the traffic and road construction around the hospital and not knowing the area is no fun. (Sometimes we can’t even find a parking space in the garage area.) Yet, we are grateful that Dr. Santillian comes highly recommended as a caring doctor who’s a specialist in breast cancer and thyroid cancer, and that makes the driving to San Antonio worthwhile… (I am the designated driver, most of the time.)

I am positive that by this time next year, it will be just a memory “y La cruz que llevamos por vivir” as our mother, the late Antonia Cruz would always tell us. (“The cross we have to bear for living.”)

Again, thank you so much for Lorene Tonia’s fundraiser and all your prayers. May God also bless you with good health… Adios!