THREE RIVERS – A showcase for local musicians — and music fans — is scheduled for 1 p.m. Saturday, April 27, at Tips Park in Three Rivers, the Three Rivers City Jam 2019.

Organized by Jack Williams, pastor of Covenant Life Fellowship with assistance from Rick Sowell, owner of Sowell’s BBQ and Home Cooking, the event is aimed at giving local musicians — and those who enjoy their music — an opportunity to get together for a free local event.

The jam “is simply a gathering of musicians that will come and perform together,” Williams said. “Some will do solos, some will be in groups. There is no restriction on the type of music as long as it is family friendly. Everyone who comes will have an opportunity to perform.”

Those who plan to perform at the event are asked to notify jam organizers in advance, Williams said.

“I have asked the musicians who are coming to let us know they are coming so we can begin to put together a schedule,” he said. “They are welcome to perform if they show up, but if they will let us know we can have a time slot for them.”

Some items will be set up and ready for musicians to use at the event, Williams said.

“We will have a sound system set up as well as a keyboard, electric drums and a bass and bass amp,” he said. “If they require anything else they need to bring it. Personal guitars and amps, that kind of thing. If they are going to come and want to set up regular drums or their own keyboard, they will need to come before 11 a.m. so we can set that up before the music starts.”

There are a few things people attending the event might want to bring to make themselves more comfortable.

“Chairs, snacks if they want and drinks,” Williams said. “There will be water that will be given away as long as it lasts and ice cream for sale. The youth group from Covenant Life will be out cleaning Tips Park the Thursday before the event on Saturday so everything should be tip-top.”

Sowell said Williams is the one who is taking the lead role in putting on the event, and they hope it will continue to be an annual tradition.

“I’m just assisting – he’s the head lion tamer,” Sowell said. “We’ve got several that are lined up to play, including some from out of town.

“Hopefully this thing will grow. We’re hoping it will catch on with the community. We want to keep it real simple and family friendly and offer something fun where people can get together and enjoy music.”

If you are musician and would like to play at this event, call Williams at 678-246-8443 or Sowell at 210-289-0647.

Jeff Osborne is the editor of The Progress. He can be reached at 361-786-3022 or