The Mane Attraction, Tumbleweed: Offering gifts, hair, dry cleaning and spray tans

Tumbleweed and Mane Attraction have opened their doors in George West at 507 Houston St. Jennifer Oxford (left) and Kayce Oxford are sister-in-laws and good friends, who look forward to working in their own shop. (Photo by Pink Rivera)

Two friends. Two sisters-in-law. Two businesses.

507 E. Houston St. is one unique building, now home to two separate shops.

On the left side is a gift shop, named Tumbleweed, run by Jennifer Oxford.

On the right is a hair salon, named Mane Attraction, run by Kayce Oxford.

Jennifer, originally from West Texas, said the name was her way of bringing a piece of her hometown to her new home.

“I had never seen a bluebonnet before I moved out here,” she said. “I remember trying to explain to new friends and family that a tumbleweed is literally a weed that dries up, dies and tumbles and just keeps going. It’s something that reminds me of home.”

Jennifer said owning her business is something she always dreamed of, but it wasn’t until recent opportunities lined up and she decided it was “perfect timing.”

Her mother-in-law Darlene and, grandmother-in-law Betty, former owners of Dally and Ride and This and That gift shops of George West for 20 years, are her greatest support.

“It’s a lot to take on,” said Jennifer. “But they are behind me and Kayce all the way and have helped us so much with insight and advice. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and learning about the city.”

Tumbleweed will offer services as a dry-cleaning drop-off site as well — a service they said is much needed in the community.

Jennifer worked as a vet tech in Beeville for the last four years and also has her esthetician license.

She said a spray tanning room has been set up and hopes to offer lash lifts and brow tinting in the near future.

The gift shop is decorated and stocked with a glam southwestern rustic style and includes a large Talavera selection. Jennifer hopes to be able to offer locals quick gifts for teachers and loved ones.

“We have home décor, kitchen stuff, candles, graphic tees, shoes, sandals and jewelry,” she said. “We’ll be getting new stuff depending on our customers and offering gift wrap soon so it’s a one stop deal.”

Next door, Kayce brings 14 years of salon experience and her right-hand stylists as well to kick off her first owned salon.

“It was always in the plan to own my own salon someday,” she said. “I learned a lot from my former boss, Dixie White, and it was hard to say goodbye. But it’s God’s timing and things just happened to fall in place perfectly with the location and everything. It’s meant to be.”

Kayce said she’s happy Cheryl Thunberg will also be joining her team to offer haircuts, coloring, waxing, styling and men’s haircuts as well.

She said she hopes to find a nail technician soon to offer those services as well.

“We potentially want to offer makeup and up dos,” said Kayce. “Dixie gave me a good example to follow. I know what to expect and how to keep my coworkers and customers happy. I feel ready.”

Tumbleweed will be open Tuesday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon.

Mane Attraction will be open by appointment only. Call 361-449-0262 to set up an appointment.



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