TR Garden Club enjoys busy season

Judy Weber Jendrusch presented a program on Mosiac Pottery Art to the Three Rivers Garden Club at their April meeting.

Three Rivers — The Three Rivers Garden Club held its monthly meeting Monday, April 22 at Our Savior Lutheran Church.

President Drusanne Hunter called the meeting to order. Member, Judy Weber Jendrusch presented a program on mosaic pottery art. Create the design or pattern on stepping stones, glue broken pottery or purchased stones and glass, grout and seal, and beautiful garden art can be made.

Mildred Estep was hostess and provided the meal of croissant chicken sandwiches, chips and dip, fruit and cake and Melba Wolff provided the lemonade.

The Memorial bricks have been ordered and have been set by Clif Hunter at the Memorial Rose Garden.

Wildflowers were planted along the sidewalk at the Memorial Rose Garden and are blooming.

Members will man the Three Rivers Recycling Center in the month of May.

President Hunter handed out program and club ideas for the coming year. Members are to complete and turn in the form at the next meeting. The club dues for the 2019-20 Garden Club are $17 and are due in May. The club is seeking new members to join and learn more about gardening and civic beautification. 

The Garden Club has planters along the City Square and have been maintained, fed and watered by Drusanne and Clif Hunter. The planters help beautify the City Square and businesses. Businesses which have a planter or planters help maintain the plants by watering them weekly to keep the plants thriving. Planters will be moved if they are not being watered.

Wildflowers are in full bloom with recent rains. The hummingbirds are back in the area. To attract hummingbirds, plant native flowers such as sage, turk’s cap, flame acanthus, trumpet creeper, cape honeysuckle, fire bush, shrimp plant, cigar plant and firecracker plant. The wild olive covered with clusters of white flowers is another great tree to plant. Esparanza is another great tubular plant to attract hummers.

A reminder if you use feeders to attract hummingbirds, fill the feeders with a simple mixture of four  parts (warm water to dissolve sugar) to one part sugar. It is not necessary to add red food coloring. Replace once or twice a week and when the temperatures reach over 90 degrees or if mixture is cloudy, replace every two days. Clean the feeder well with hot soapy water. Rinse well before adding new mixture.

There is still time to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, okra, black-eyed peas and melons but this must be done soon.

The next Garden Club meeting is at 6 p.m. May 20.