Prep delays revamp Shiloh church move timetable

 A Maldonado House Moving crew prepares to move the vacant Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church building to Oakville Town Square. Several challenges have slowed the move, now planned for next week.

THREE RIVERS – Albert Davila, owner of Oakville Town Square and Davila Electric Company in San Antonio, says some challenges in prepping the Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church delayed the move. 

“The house mover is from Cuero,” Davila said. “The owner, Eddie Maldonado, is managing the prep work to make sure the move is made safely. They’re good and reliable people.”

Maldonado said once they start moving the building it “should go off without a hitch.”

“We were hoping to move the church building by this Wednesday,” Davila stated, “but it took the entire week to get it ready. Now the building is on rails, and Maldonado says the move should happen within the next two weeks.”

Maldonado House Moving Company is headquartered in Cuero. According to Maldonado, the company has been safely moving houses throughout South Texas since 1994.

“We are very interested in Davila’s recreation of Oakville’s Historic Town Square,” said Ross Harris, Live Oak County Historical Commission chair. “It’s really good for the county. Brings more tourists to enjoy our wonderful history. We definitely want to help him get the word out about the work he continues doing there.”

Volunteers in the Live Oak County Historical Commission are appointed by County Judge Jim Huff and the Commissioners Court. The LOCHC works directly with the Texas Historical Commission and serves the county by publicizing its historical attributes to educate and stimulate tourism in this area.