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Live Oak County Judge Jim Huff swears in new Republican Party precinct chairs this past June. (Photo courtesy of Roberta Dobie)

The Live Oak County Republican Party is busy preparing for the November midterm election. 

Roberta Dobie was sworn in as County Chair along with new precinct chairs by Live Oak County Judge Jim Huff in June. Precinct chairs are Glennis Cunningham, Pauline Word, Anna Diaz, Missy Herring, Richard Dobie, Happy Coquat, Chip Strobble, Jennifer Wendland & Ann Cansino. 

The Texas Republican Convention was held in Houston in early June and members said they were fortunate to be represented by voting delegates Roberta, Richard, Donna VanWay, Kevin Mackey, Kevin Bensmiller and Alan Bluhm. Sallie Mackey and Lori Bluhm attended as alternate delegates. Delegates voted on the Republican Party of Texas Legislative Priorities, Platform and Rules. Also voted in for Senate District 21 were Mike Monreal as senate republican executive committeeman and Toni Trevino as committeewoman. Delegates were honored to meet and listen to many state candidates that will appear on the November ballot. 

The LOC Republican party has been very involved in promoting Republican candidates running in the mid-term election. Monica De La Cruz, Republican Candidate for Texas Congressional District 15 hosted a meet & greet on July 19 and Live Oak County was also blessed to have Julie Dahlberg, Republican Candidate for Texas Senate District 21, host a coffee meet and greet, luncheon and dance in mid-July, according to Roberta.

The Live Oak County Republican Executive Committee held their organizational meeting on July 8th in Three Rivers. Various members from LOC attended FreedomFest in San Antonio and Roberta attended the 40th Annual Election Law Seminar presented by the Texas Secretary of State in Austin.

Some of the topics covered during the 3-day seminar were Texas election calendar dates, poll watcher requirements, chain of command for election supplies, how to do a recount, opening & closing the polls. Roberta also attended the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas.

The 1st CPAC was held in 1974 and then California Governor Ronald Reagan was the keynote speaker. scale score of 1584 compared to Region 2’s 1428.

In a press release, Texas Education Agency Commissioner Mike Morath stated, “These results provide encouraging evidence that the academic recovery plans adopted by the Texas Legislature and implemented by our state’s 370,000 dedicated teachers are working for our students.”

He added that more work still needs to be done in the state in the post-COVID-19 period to make up ground lost during the pandemic.

Taking tests is daunting with or without a pandemic, but the tests were canceled in 2020. Brought back to the desktop in 2021, educators noticed that students working from remote locations, including their homes, often with limited Internet, experienced difficulties and scores reflect that circumstance.

In an effort to combat that decline, the Texas Legislature last year passed House Bill 4545 which created a mandate for districts to provide students with a minimum of 30 hours of what was termed targeted instruction designed to address the number of STAAR test subject areas a student may have underperformed on in 2021. That is a complicated task at best for districts.

For parents interested in specific information regarding their children and their performance on the STAAR tests if they were taken in May, scores are available in the Texas Assessment portal online. Most students should have received results from their campuses by now but it is still possible to log into the portal and retrieve results.

The Student Access Code is located on all STAAR Student Report Cards. It is a number that does not change and is issued to the student when they take the STAAR tests for the first time. For many students, that occurred during their third grade year in school. To log in, go to At this point, those seeking scores will be asked for an access code. If one does not have the unique access code on hand, it is recommended to click on “Find my unique student access code.” Enter the following requested information: first name, SSN (no dashes), and date of birth and hit GO. Write down and save the access code for future use. One may then click on each subject to see a breakdown of the scores and to click on and download report cards to see the entire report card.

The Texas Education Agency will use the data from this round of tests to “show families and teachers how disruptions to instruction over the past year impacted learning.” This coming year, results may be utilized in teachers working with families to create academic goals that will encourage progress.

It is important to note that for this year, the STAAR results are not going to be used to evaluate teachers or grade schools. The statistics available will be utilized for learning and understanding the entire picture of what COVID-19 may have impacted and the areas where school systems must take action. Visit for your child’s STAAR results.

In a letter to the district, Quesada stated, “As we begin another exciting school year in GWISD, I want to express my sincere gratitude to all our employees who bring their best every day to educate the children of George West. I am also thankful for the parents and community in Live Oak County and George West. They are the most supportive community I have ever worked with in my 35 years in education. With partners like the George West Education Foundation, the City of George West, Lion’s Club and the George West Chamber of Commerce, we are surrounded by excellence.”


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