Longhorns take on 2A powerhouse

Weston Rhodes (17) tries to get past the Refugio defense. (Photo by Thomas Leffler)

The George West Longhorns continued the team’s non-district stretch by facing 2A powerhouse Refugio. The squad’s travel was no ordinary location, as the Bobcats’ 56-8 victory was fueled by a return to its home stadium, Jack Sportsman Bobcat Stadium. The Bobcats had not played in the stadium since 2019.

Offensively handicapped early on, the Longhorns gained just 41 yards of offense on Refugio starters in the first half. Against primarily Bobcats backups in the second half, the Longhorns were able to produce 91 yards of offense and a touchdown, courtesy a Jessie Burch 8-yard run.

A Refugio punter stepping out of bounds near the end of the contest gave the Longhorns two more points for the total of eight. The team has scored 21 points over its first two games, and will look to rebound at home Friday against Goliad.

Last season’s stop in Goliad resulted in a 28-20 Longhorns victory. In the win on Sept. 11, 2020, the team produced 277 yards of offense.



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