Staff report

THREE RIVERS – A June golf camp taught by Three Rivers High School graduate R.J. Moya allowed local youths a chance to improve their skills on the links at no cost.

Moya, who is currently playing golf at Eastern Wyoming College held the free camp as a way to give back to the community in which he grew up.

“The first thing I would like to say is thank you to all the kids and even an adult who came out to my first golf camp,” Moya said. “We were able to show the kids a little part of the game.

“We would hit balls on the driving range, then we would play games to try and show the skills we were learning. We then worked on putting, and once again we would play games to see how much everyone learned. It was an exciting few weeks for myself as well as the kids.”

Moya said he was thankful for the assistance he received in conducting the golf camp.

“It would not have been as fun for the kids without the help of many,” Moya said. “First, I have to say thank you to my mom for organizing everything while I was still in Wyoming at college. I told her what my plans were, and she got it all together.

“I also need to thank my roommate and teammate Jo Vin Tan, who also plays golf on the Eastern Wyoming College golf team. He helped show the kids things that he has learned himself.”

Others who helped during the tournament include his former high school golf teammates, Josh Moya and Lee Remmers, and also Mesquite Golf Course, which allowed the facilities to be used free of charge for the camp.

“My next huge thank you goes out to SouthTrust Bank in Three Rivers,” Moya said. “They donated T-shirts that all the kids received. My dad supplied most of the equipment we needed to run a camp where so many do not own a set of golf clubs.”

Among those who donated prizes for the camp were Ama’s Cleaners, Alexis B. Gevers, Moya Fence and Construction, Bud’s Bait and Tackle, Ryan and Krystal Mergele, Sonic, Dixie White and Three Rivers Dairy Queen.

“This experience has been great not only for the kids but also myself,” Moya said. “It showed me how to pass the sport I love and is paying for my education on to others.

“I have been blessed with a father who would take me to the course every chance he had, taught me this wonderful and respected game.”

Moya said he hopes to turn the camp into an annual tradition.

“I hope to do this camp again next year and improve on some of the areas I found this year,” he said. “Plans are to make the camp more days, divide the kids a little more so that I am able to have more one-on-one time with each, and just have fun once again.

“Go Lancers (the EWC mascot) and go Bulldogs.”