Perfect games are rare, but varsity Three Rivers Bulldogs pitcher Caden Soliz can add that to his resume.

 The Bulldogs baseball team traveled to Pettus to face the Pettus Eagles on Tuesday, April 13. The Bulldogs were victorious 11-0 behind outstanding pitching from starter Caden Soliz, who threw a perfect game over five innings, with nine strikeouts, helping the Bulldogs to victory as his team garnered great run support.

Sebastian Steele, Matthew Zamzow, David Garcia, Preston Wallace, Michael Donaho and Soliz combined for six hits and six RBIs.

The Bulldogs racked up 14 total chances and 14 putouts, with 0 errors on the night. 

“Tuesday’s game was an interesting and exciting one, to say the least,” head coach Cody Ruiz said. “It was a great team win all around. Everybody did their job.”

Soliz’s composure as a freshman was an aid to his memorable night.

“I thought it was really cool to throw the perfect game,” Soliz said. “I wasn’t really expecting or trying to do that. I was just trying to win the game.” 

In his time playing the sport, Soliz has developed a taste for a particular pitch because of its unique nature.

“My favorite pitch to throw would probably be the curveball, because it can confuse the batter, and I really like the movement on the ball,” Soliz said.

He wants to take advantage of the fact he is still just a freshman, and learn as much as possible to improve his craft.

“I want to improve all of the parts of my game, from fielding to pitching to hitting,” Soliz said. “I want to improve on all aspects. Especially since I’m just a freshman, it gives me time to work on all of those things.”

Ruiz had high praise for Soliz after the standout performance.

“The hard throwing freshman did an outstanding job keeping his composure all night long,” Ruiz said. “Soliz did an excellent job keeping the batters honest and off balance pounding the strike zone, throwing a total of 63 pitches, with a strike to ball ratio of 49-14.”

Ruiz was proud to see his group stay determined on the goals ahead.

“Soliz kept his focus on the task at hand, getting his team a district win,” Ruiz said. “Even after the game discussing what happened, the boys stayed humble knowing we still have a lot of work ahead of us. They know we must keep our heads down, and keep pushing forward to achieve our goals. I am very proud of every one of these young men on how hard they have been working all season long.”

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