The Texas Extension Education Association (TEEA) released guidelines recently for interested applicants applying to their 2022 4-H Scholarship. 

The deadline to apply is Saturday, Feb. 15. 

Eligibility requirements

• Be a United States citizen.

• Be currently an active senior 4-H member in good standing with county 4-H program for the last four (4) years.

• Demonstrate leadership and personal development through 4-H.

• Will attend an accredited institution of higher learning: university, community college, trade or technical school during the fall semester  following judging.

• Have not passed 19th birthday before Jan. 1 of the current year.

• Have not previously received a State TEEA scholarship.

• Complete a Texas 4-H Recordbook (updated through previous year’s Texas 4-H Recordbook judging deadline).

• Complete TEEA 4-H Scholarship Application and provide other required materials.

Application submission process

The Application must be postmarked on or before Feb. 15, and submitted to the county AgriLife Extension office in a manila envelope labeled with the applicant’s name and county, and must include:

• Only a black and white copy of Texas 4-H Recordbook from the previous year’s Texas 4-H Recordbook judging deadline of Aug. 31 accepted.

• Official high school transcript with ACT and/or SAT scores included.

• Completed TEEA 4-H Scholarship Application.

• Two letters of recommendation: one from a county Extension agent or 4-H club manager and one from a teacher, employer, or community leader (not a relative).

If the applicant wants these materials returned, include a postage-paid, self-addressed envelope and letter of request.

If selected as a TEEA Scholarship recipient

State winners are recognized at each TEEA District’s Spring Conference and announced at the TEEA Spring Board Meeting.

If selected as a winner, applicants will send the following to the TEEA Treasurer, postmarked by July 15: 

• Completed TEEA Scholarship Personal Information form received from the TEEA President.

• Official proof of enrollment and official class schedule postmarked by July 15th. If you have not registered before July 15, please send your schedule as soon as registered. Do not wait for your schedule before sending the other documents. Just note in your packet that your schedule will come at a later date.

• Thank-you notes to TEEA District Director and TEEA President. The names and addresses of the TEEA District Director and TEEA President can be obtained from your local county AgriLife Extension office.

Checks for the 12 State $1,000 TEEA 4-H Scholarships ($500 Fall; $500 Spring) will only be sent to the institutions of higher learning named on the winner’s TEEA Scholarship Personal Information form. If the scholarship is not needed the first fall semester after judging, a request from the student must be made in writing to the TEEA President by July 15. 

The TEEA 4-H Scholarship must be used within a two-year time period.

After judging, the winning TEEA 4-H Scholarship Application form will be kept on file at both district and state levels. All submitted copies of Texas 4-H Recordbooks, transcripts, and personal information will be shredded to protect the winner’s identity, unless the winner includes a postage-paid, self-addressed envelope with a letter of request to have these materials returned.

Information provided by the TEEA

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