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Election Day was held on Tuesday, Nov. 2. In Live Oak County, several ballots included both the statewide constitutional amendments and local special elections. 

Here are the results for the local special elections in Live Oak County: 

Three Rivers

Residents of Three Rivers voted on whether to allow the city to look into avenues for which to sell the local gas system to possible private entities, allowing the city to redirect funding for other needed projects within the city limits. 

According to unofficial results the city released on election night, the proposition passed by a margin of 47 votes; 68 for (32 early and 36 on election day) and 21 against (3 early, 18 on election day). 

As Three Rivers City Administrator Thomas Salazar stated in a previous story, this proposition isn’t necessarily leading to the definite sale of the city’s gas system, it merely grants them the ability to explore that as an option. 

George West

In George West there were eight local proposed charter amendments that on the ballot residents voted on including imposing terms on city workers, chief of police requirements and more.

• Proposition 2021-1

Residents of George West were nearly dead even in the decision to pass this proposition, which would have allowed any resident within a 70 mile radius to be eligible for the city manager position in GW. It also amended the pronouns in the charter to be gender neutral in regards to appointments. 

The proposition ultimately failed, with 54 votes against, 49 votes for and four under votes.

• Proposition 2021-2

This proposition amends the charter requirements for the chief of police, allowing any resident within a 70 mile radius of George West to be considered for the position. 

Prop 2021-2 passed, with 57 George West residents voting for the charter amendment, 49 voting against, with 1 under vote.

• Proposition 2021-3

This prop amends the expenditure amounts for the city manager and department heads. It allows the city manager to make expenditures not exceeding $10,000 without the approval of city council and allows department heads to make expenditures not exceeding $5,000 without the council’s approval. 

George West passed Prop 2021-3 with 58 votes for, 47 votes against and one under vote. 

• Proposition 2021-4

This amendment raises the mayor’s compensation to $50 per meeting and raises the compensation for city council members to $40 per meeting. Prop 2021-4 also allows compensation of no more than $6,000 for contracted or professional services by the mayor or council. 

GW passed the charter amendment by a margin of 32 votes (69 for, 37 against and one under write vote). 

• Proposition 2021-5

This charter amendment allows any former city council member or mayor to become an employee of the city of George West directly following their voluntary discharge from their previous position.

Residents of George West passed Prop 2021-5  by a margin of 17 votes (67 for, 40 against and one under write vote). 

• Proposition 2021-6

This charter amendment would have allowed the mayor or mayor pro-tem to serve as the municipal judge without the requirement of appointment a successor.

Residents of George West voted against Prop 2021-6 by a margin of 19 (44 for, 63 against). 

• Proposition 2021-7

This city charter amendment legalized the sale of alcoholic beverages, including mixed beverages. 

George West residents overwhelmingly voted for Prop 2021-7, with 75 votes for, 27 votes against and 5 under votes. 

• Proposition 2021-8

Much like the proposition that passed in Three Rivers, this charter amendment allows the city to explore the sale of its natural gas system to an outside entity. 

The proposition passed with 69 votes for, 36 against and 2 under votes. 


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