Calling all third, fourth, and fifth-graders at Three Rivers Elementary! Do you love science, technology, or math?  Have you ever thought about a career that would allow you to think critically, solve problems, and apply math, science, or technology concepts and knowledge?   

Three Rivers Elementary will be hosting  a summer STEM Camp for students who show a high aptitude and/or interest in math and or science.  STEM camp will be a two-week adventure designed as an opportunity for students to discover future careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Our community partner, Valero, will be sending summer interns to assist with some of the activities. Students can submit an application for consideration and may also be nominated by teachers, parents, or community members.

Campers will become immersed into STEM concepts by engaging in the following:

 • Mad Scientist Laboratory: Students will discover types of reactions, density and dive into a deeper understanding of the scientific method.

• It’s Electric: Students will explore the differences between insulators and conductors, and turn their own body into a human conductor of electricity that is perfectly safe! 

• Bubblology: Students will learn about the properties of bubbles, bounce bubbles without popping them, and learn how to make a square bubble.

• Water Magic: Students will learn about surface tension and polymers and their everyday uses.

• Newton’s Antics: Students will explore Newton’s First Law of Motion. 

• STEM Challenges: Working in teams, students will be given daily tasks of completing grade-specific hands on challenges using equipment in our amazing STEM Maker Cart.

This cart is an all in one shop when it comes to having materials at your fingertips. Students will learn science and engineering concepts through experimentation, grow their understanding and evolve projects through the design & engineering process.

This amazing cart includes over 15,000 different components that will allow students to design and build their own unique engineering inventions such as a mini wind turbine, mousetrap vehicle, super wiggle bot, wind lift, and many more possibilities. 

Participants will attend a STEM related field trip. All participants will receive a T-shirt.  

Campers will be engaged in teamwork each day with each activity. Doing so helps to foster the essential STEM career skills of communication, teamwork and collaboration. 

Cindy Miller is principal of Three Rivers Elementary


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