When it comes to decision making, those who have our best interests at heart are often the people who are closest to us, not government leaders who seldom if ever visit our area and would have difficulty finding Live Oak and McMullen counties on a map.

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Many educators and parents may not realize the connection between world oil prices and local education funding, but new research connects world oil prices with Texas public school funding, and it shows clearly that billions of dollars K-12 schools rely upon to educate students could be at ri…

Since it appears to me, a very young kitty-kat, that you people don’t devote enough time to having fun, I feel it is my obligation to share with you what I like to do for fun. With that knowledge it might inspire you to get involved in some of these really fun activities.

When people in a community need to spread the word regarding an issue, the community newspaper is the ideal place with the ideal environment to do so.

Spring is definitely a time of celebration this year in Live Oak and McMullen counties, as many of the events which we look forward to every year are returning for the community to enjoy.

The response from my first newspaper article was really great. Before I wrote that and it was published the only thing I used newspapers for was … well you know, when I had to go. Now I use the convenient potty-house in my spacious living quarters here at The Beeville Bee-Picayune. And I wri…

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