As I type these words, the whirring, grinding and buzzing sound of heavy equipment and the scraping of old tiles is prominent – or slightly overwhelming – in the background.

A true measure of self-confidence is when you take the position that someone can do it better than you. While that may not always be so on a case-by-case basis, when it is so, make it known.

When walking through the old West Hotel in the 100 block of Houston Street in George West, it felt like I was going back in time in a sense. However, it is the possibilities for the future and not the past that are exciting to those who would like to restore the old building to a new grandeur.

Hello and meow, Fantastic Frio Fans from all across the Fruited Plain and welcome to the latest installment of From Frio and, a really big MEOW to you boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen as this is an exciting time for y’all and the entire solar system! (I have no idea what a solar system i…

When it comes to protecting our communities and often working behind the scenes until danger threatens or disaster strikes, the role of our local firefighters, first responders/EMS and police officers cannot be overestimated.

Sunday, May 9, began National Police Week when we are to honor local police for their commitment to keeping us safe. 

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