The dog pictured on the front page of The Progress Dec. 6 did leave his mark in others’ lives before his untimely death by a shot to the belly in George West. He was another stray, came into town three years ago, intelligent and wary of people.

Soon after his arrival, my husband and I rescued him and another dog we called Pointer.

Along the way, Darah Conard, an extraordinary lady this city owes much thanks to for her non-stop efforts to “home” all the unwanted animals in the pound, came to our rescue by finding a kennel donated by a dog lover in Corpus Christi that we gladly brought home and put to use. Terry Robbins always made sure there was enough food for the two dogs.

We found a home for both dogs. I can’t say where Pointer has been the last two years but I knew where to find Husky. And he always had a smile for us when he’d see us. His owner trained him to stay nearby on the property – an amazing feat in itself.

He was an intelligent and affectionate animal. He even went to Mexico last year with his owner.

The shooter did not know this, I’m sure. But what they should know is right from wrong and it was wrong to do what they did. May they find no peace until they come forward and confess to their crime.

If I were a judge, a voluntary confession would be reason to consider mercy in the outcome of the verdict. Additional reason to do right is because everyone reaps what they’ve sown. Nothing in this life remains hidden: Be sure your sin will find you out.“ (Numbers 32:23).

Repentance is never wrong – it will bring a peace that passeth understanding.

Sheri Sucec

George West

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