On Saturday, June 2, I had a small emergency. I needed an electrical plug for a new air conditioner. The one I purchased earlier turned out to be the wrong size. Problem was it was after hours.

I made a quick call to Keith Stapleton with the local lumber yard. As he normally is, along with his brother, Steve, were doing volunteer work at the golf course. Keith’s exact words were, “I’ll be there in five minutes, meet me at the store.”

Can you imagine a big box home improvement store doing that? Highly unlikely! These local small “family owned” businesses are the backbone of our community. Support them.

Local businesses support their schools, Little Leagues, church barbecues, youth soccer, basketball, football, county fairs, etc. Have you ever, or have you had a child or grandchild involved in any of these activities? Chances are a local business or businesses donated to the cause.

Please consider, when practical, to support your community family-owned businesses.

Rick Sowell

Three Rivers

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