Why would an American want to destroy the nation they call home?

Proponents of illegal immigration tempt foreigners, mainly poor, oppressed and often illiterate, to disobey the laws of this country. So great is their desire to come and have the freedoms and opportunities that Americans have worked and paid for and leave all and risk all. They do not enter legally; they are taking from Americans; they care not that they dishonor the nation’s rule of law. It is immoral.

Some in government positions of authority condone this behavior because they want power and hope to lure the illegal immigrant through promises of money, job opportunities, driver’s licenses and voting status. It is called bribing.

The same representatives want to achieve power by stifling your free speech, freedom of religion and rights to defend yourself. Intimidation is commonly practiced. This is not an American value. America is under attack. 

Our children in the womb are being slaughtered, and if laws passed after this election, these viable babies will be legally sacrificed up to the time of normal delivery. How barbaric we have become.

Sexual perversion is being exposed to the children at younger and younger ages. Assisted by laws. Why should God bless this nation?

We’ve incurred massive debt that only a currency reset might delay catastrophic economic disaster. It has enslaved us and future generations to poor economic choices, but no one talks about this very important problem facing this country. (Shhh, don’t discuss this we love to print fiat, fake, phoney money, and maybe we won’t be around when it’s time “to pay up.” They think.

Americans are living a lie. God is real, He judges righteously, He has been merciful to us and He is moved by the repentance and fasting and prayer and the righteousness of His creation.

Why do we tempt God, knowing we will all give an account?

Sheri Sucec

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