Local woman helps dirty dogs clean up their act

Angie Ponce, owner of Doggie Do's in Three Rivers, drys Nova after a morning at the dog spa.

Moving into a house with carpet has advantages and disadvantages. The comfort of walking on carpet is nice, but keeping the carpet clean can be a challenge, especially if you have dogs.

We have two dogs, and while one sheds hair, the other is a champion shedder. Dealing with the impressive amount of hair she generates can be a monumental task, and one which can be absolutely overwhelming.

On Friday, Nov. 29, that challenge of dealing with excessive amounts of dog hair became much easier thanks to the services offered by a local business — Doggie Do’s pet grooming in Three Rivers operated by Angie Ponce.

My wife had been after me to get the dogs groomed for a while — just how long I won’t say in order to protect the guilty. But after we moved from a rent house with no carpet to a house we are buying with plenty of carpet, avoiding this task was no longer going to be allowed.

In order to ensure domestic tranquility (in other words, in order to prevent me having to live in the shed out back with our two dogs), something had to be done.

Angie came to the rescue and our dogs have never been cleaner — and our little shedder has never been more well groomed.

Some of you may remember that one of our dogs — Nova, a black lab mix — had to be rescued by the Three Rivers Volunteer Fire Department after she got stuck under a shed last summer. Fortunately for Nova, she has short hair. In fact, I thought her grooming would be easy.

I’ve seldom had many problems bathing Nova either in a bathtub or with a hose in the backyard, but she was the feisty one and put up quite a spirited struggle on grooming day.

Fortunately, Angie has the right equipment and we were able to contain Nova so that she got a nice bath, nail clipping and blow dry.

It was Tallulah I was worried about, but it turned out she was on her best behavior at Doggie Do’s. Maybe she just wanted to show off for Angie, but whatever reason, it was much easier than I expected.

My wife, son and I had tried to give Tallulah a bath in the back yard at our house in Temple on one occasion, and it was like trying to contain a little dinosaur.

Tallulah on that occasion let it be known that she would not cooperate, and short of giving her a nap with a tranquilizer dart (something we weren’t going to do) she refused to get a bath that day.

Angie was great with both of the dogs, and Tallulah was remarkably easy to groom and bath. She even had a significant haircut — something that Nova managed to avoid thanks to her already short hair — and was still an exemplary subject.

I did end up a little wet thanks to Nova’s antics, but it was well worth it to have a couple of clean dogs.

I know Angie sees all kinds of dogs, but for us this was actually our first time to have the girls professionally groomed. We have started a new tradition that will now be part of our regular schedule. Having the carpet guarantees that, but even if we didn’t, the experience was so good that it would be part of our routine.

Angie started her pet grooming venture in 2011 and business has been booming ever since. Previously, she worked for SouthTrust Bank, and while she said she loved her job and the people she worked with, she wanted to follow her dream of operating her own business and helping to pamper the community’s canines.

She still remembers the her first customer was Jack Salazar on Nov. 26, 2011, and has now honed her skills to the point where she can groom up to seven dogs a day.

With a Tuesday through Friday schedule, she stays busy but is always happy to meet a new furry friend and its owner.

We are certainly glad we had the opportunity for Angie to take care of our dogs, and we hope she keeps transforming the area’s dirty dogs into clean canines for years to come.

Jeff Osborne is the editor of The Progress. A Texan since 1973, he has worked for Texas newspapers for 25 years.