My name is Red, I am a Kat,  and the person I adopted a long time back is O.G. Randall of Refugio. 

This space is normally and brilliantly filled with incredible information generated by Frio. I know that Frio has thousands of you people reading his amazing column each time it is printed. I am no exception, even though I don’t read it myself. That duty I assigned to O.G.  

When we get our copy of The Refugio County Press the first thing I expect, or rather demand, from O.G. is that he take the time to get himself a cup of coffee and open me a can of kitty sustenance and read me the words of wisdom from Frio while I enjoy an early morning snack. Amazing.

I have a question. Why do most of you humans begin your questions with a statement that you have a question? Why not just ask the question. If the person you are asking the question to can’t figure out that you just asked a question perhaps the conversation should end, abruptly. But I digress. 

But seriously people, I do have a question of significant Kat importance. What took you humans so long to have a brilliant, albeit rather young Kat start writing a column that is worthy of a Puuurrrlitizer. 

It appears that the people that work for Frio at the newspaper offices finally realized what dogs have always known and you people need to come to grips with, Kats are smarter and always in charge. To spend any time thinking otherwise is catnip krazy. 

What I have learned from Frio’s brilliant writings is that he and I share many of the same thoughts  and activities on a daily basis. He is obviously totally in charge at the newspaper offices and so am I here at the O.G. palace. Frio and I play with Kat toys, take long and much deserved kat naps and love to climb and jump and meow incessantly (especially in the morning) even though all of our Kat needs and desires are abundantly being met. 

Frio’s writings inspired me to get involved and write this piece, and I sure hope that all of you Frio Fans appreciate the immeasurable value and life changing contributions his wisdom delivers. I know that I do.

Frio wanted me to remind you that his invitation stands, if you are ever in the Beeville Bee-Picayune area please stop in and visit. Just be sure not to interrupt any nap time. 

My name is Red, and I am a Kat.

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