I want to encourage you to exercise your voices to challenge others to do more, so that we can keep our freedoms by those who seek to lead us with God’s counsel in their hearts and minds firmly (Proverbs 12:14).

Challenge our conservative Republican representatives to keep our U.S. Constitution and Texas Constitution binding and effective for all Americans, since the U.S. Constitution was dedicated by our Founding Fathers of this great nation. Remind these leaders that we need our Constitutions to empower us to keep our freedoms and those freedoms for our future generations.

We don’t want or need, by any means, a socialist or communist government to tell us what to do – to take away our guns and the rights of our police officers to enforce laws that have always protected us from those who will harm us.

More of us need to write to our representatives, whom we believe will “back us up” when we deserve to be protected when things go wrong. We need leaders who will regard the freedoms that a dictator will not allow in a government that has failed everywhere it has been tried.

What more can we do as citizens to unite America again? I challenge you to pray and support former President Donald Trump and others like him to be victorious against these corrupt leaders.

Lindley Redd

Three Rivers

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