llow me to bring you up to date regarding my recent newspaper press experience. As you already know I am a newspaper kitty. I became a newspaper kitty when I walked into the newspaper and took over running the operation. 

The other day the door to the old pressroom was left open just enough for me to squeeze through. Bear in mind that this door is always closed because, and I am guessing on this one, the people here believe that another kitty may try to get in. I know that will not be a good thing because they all keep saying, under their breath, something to the effect that: one wild kitty is enough for any business. 

So, because I am very curious, I walked through the door, and that is when the commotion started. Albert noticed that I was in the pressroom and was headed toward the floor under the press. Now, what I did not know then, that I do know now, is that the floor under the old press is really dirty with old ink and stuff. And just like that, my white feet turned green and black!

Dennis was fortunate enough to catch me and pick me up, and just like that, the bottom of his blue shirt turned a bit green as my back feet settled in. He obviously didn’t notice (or did he?) so he handed me to Ginger, and just like that she had an almost perfect paw print on the front of her shirt. 

That is the exact point in time that all things turned a bit squeeze. Ginger squeezed me while she made a vain and fleeting attempt to magically turn my now green and black feet back to white again by wiping them with this dry paper towel thingy. Since that effort was moderately successful the entire team searched for another method, and that is when Dennis brought out the package of little pieces of wet paper that some call flushable. I have no idea what flushable means!

These wet things were then used to clean my feet as Ginger squeezed a bit harder. Now I know why kitties do not like wet things rubbed on them, and we really don’t like the squeezing, unless it comes in the form of a hug. While it took most of the day, my feet gradually returned to mostly white. They are never really all white because I walk in a lot of places that collect dust, and these paws serve as tiny dust mops, and that gives Ginger fits. 

The invitation stands, if you are ever in the area please stop in and let’s visit. If you are lucky, I’ll give you a permanent paw print you can proudly display as a permanent part of whatever shirt or blouse you are wearing. No charge!

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