GEORGE WEST – The Live Oak County Airport near George West will receive about $200,000 for planned airport improvements, which includes installation of an automated weather observing system recently.

“We do not have one right now,” Live Oak County Judge and Airport Manager Jim Huff said. “This will greatly increase safety for pilots as it will give them more information for safety and operation at our airport. Pilots can make better decisions using this system.”

Surrounding county airports have the said weather system in place such as Kenedy, Beeville, Alice, Cotulla and Pleasanton.

Project costs will be funded through Live Oak County and TxDOT’s Aviation Facilities Grant Program, which preserves and improves the state’s general aviation system.

“The grant is through TxDOT aviation with the county matching 25 percent of the project,” Judge Huff said. 

“The county is able to match the 25 percent by a pipeline that runs through the airport. The money generated from that will pay for the project.”

The county’s amount to match is $50,000.

Due to the amount, the project will be bid out, according to Judge Huff.

“The agreement with TxDOT states once the best bid is accepted there is a twelve month period that the system must be in place and operational,” he said.

This year, TxDOT expects to provide about $60 million in funding for planning, constructing and maintaining community airports. 

About 275 community airports in Texas are eligible for funding.

Arrivals and departures from community airports account for more than 3 million flight hours per year and provide aircraft facilities for agricultural, medical, business and commuter use.